Henk Jochemsen & Jan van der Stoep (Eds.)
Different Cultures, One World
Dialogue between Christians and Muslims about globalizing technology


16,5 x 24 cm
160 pag.
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ISBN 978 90 3610 177 6
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Our age of global technology is not only an age of promises, but also an age of major problems. We face an ecological crisis, a financial and economical crisis and a crisis in international security. At the same time religion has become a subject of public debate. Some scholars even speak of the ‘return of religion’.

In his valedictory address at the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) Egbert Schuurman contended that the crises of our age are closely associated with scientific, technological and economic developments in the industrialized world. He proposed a dialogue between Muslim and Christian scholars on modern Western culture and in particular its technicistic character.

This book is a response to the call of Egbert Schuurman. It incorporates contributions from Muslim as well as Christian scholars. According to the authors the current crises of the technological society have a spiritual root. They claim that religious traditions incorporate basic intuitions about life on earth that are indispensable for working towards a more sustainable and peaceful co-existence of people.

From this perspective they want to join hands and unitedly face the challenges of living together as different cultures in one world.


Chapter 1
General introduction
Henk Jochemsen and Jan van der Stoep

Chapter 2
Towards a cultural dialogue between Christian and Islamic scholars
Egbert Schuurman

Chapter 3
A Muslim perspective on Schuurman’s garden model at the crossroads of the secular /post-secular society
Bünyamin Duran

Chapter 4
On the brink of the volcano: Convergence, ephemeralization and the telos of technology
James Clement van Pelt

Chapter 5
Structures for imperfect life: The development of ‘evil-proof’ technologies
Marc J. de Vries

Chapter 6
Against the Promethean presumption: A Roman Catholic assessment of technology
René P.H. Munnik

Chapter 7
Cleanliness is half of religion: Ecology and responsibility in Islamic history
Ahmed Akgunduz

Chapter 8
Heavenly guidance for earthly problems: A vision of a transformation from the machine to the garden model
Abdul Majid and Fazli Karim

Chapter 9
Human nature versus the nature of science and technology: The need for humane science and technology
Necati Aydin

Chapter 10
Technology and human values: An Islamic perspective
Emin Akcahuseyin

Chapter 11
Can Muslims and Christians be brothers in arms?: The search for a foundation for cooperation in a plural culture
Gert Jan Segers

Chapter 12
The Islamic view of technology: Rediscovering the pattern of balance and order
Abdelaziz Berghout

Chapter 13
Jan van de Stoep en Henk Jochemsen