Albert Grundlingh & Siegfried Huigen (Editors)
Reshaping Remembrance
Critical Essays on Afrikaans Places of Memory

16,5 x 24 cm
200 pag.
€ 22,50
ISBN 978 90 361 0230 8

In any society in the throes of transition, there is a particularly acute need to reflect upon aspects of the past that used to represent firm beacons enlighting the way ahead. This inevitably involves a broader re-appraisal of the processes which contributed to the formation of a specific historical memory in the first place.

Reshaping Remembrance includes a number of critical essays on dimensions of collective Afrikaans historical memory in South Africa. In the light of radical changes in the country, scholars from various disciplines reflect on the dynamics of historical consciousness symbolically present in various areas: het ‘volksmoeder’ image, historical events and monuments, language and memory, rugby and architecture.

This work hopes to resound with a well-established intellectual tradition in Europe dealing with ‘places of memory’ or ‘lieux de mémoire’.


Chapter 1. Siegfried Huigen and Albert Grundlingh - Koos Kombuis and Collective Memory

Chapter 2. Elsabé Brink - The ‘Volksmoeder’ – A Figurine as Figurehead

Chapter 3. Gerrit Olivier - The Location

Chapter 4. Hein Willemse - A Coloured Expert’s Coloured

Chapter 5. Kees van der Waal - Bantu: From Abantu to Ubuntu

Chapter 6. Ena Jansen - Thandi, Katrina, Meisie, Maria, ou-Johanna, Christina, ou-Lina, Jane and Cecilia

Chapter 7. Albert Grundlingh - Rugby

Chapter 8. Marlene van Niekerk - The Eating Afrikaner: Notes for a Concise Typology

Chapter 9. Lizette Grobler - The Windpump

Chapter 10. Hans Fransen - Glorious Gables

Chapter 11. Lou-Marié Kruger - Memories of Heroines: Bitter Cups and Sourdough

Chapter 12. Lize van Robbroeck - The Voortrekker in Search of New Horizons

Chapter 13. Christine Antonissen - English

Chapter 14. Siegfried Huigen - Language Monuments

Chapter 15. Rufus Gouws - The Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

Chapter 16. Luc Renders - And the Greatest is… N.P. van Wyk Louw

Chapter 17. Albert Grundlingh - Why have a Ghost as a Leader? The ‘De la Rey’ Phenomenon and the Re-Invention of Memories, 2006-2007

Chapter 18. Stephanus Muller - Boeremusiek

Chapter 19. Stephanus Muller - Die Stem

Chapter 20. Annie Klopper -‘In ferocious anger I bit the hand that controls’: The Rise of Afrikaans Punk Rock Music