Armand Clesse & Xu Mingqi
The vitality of China and the Chinese


Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies
16,5 x 24 cm
298 pag.
€ 29,50
ISBN 978 90 3619 431 0
NUR 740

This book is the outcome of a conference on the vitality of China and the Chinese jointly organized in Shanghai by the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
The multifaceted discussions by scholars from all over the world on the ups and downs of Chinese vitality in its 5000-year history and on the essence behind the Chinese vitality should provide the reader with a better understanding of the Chinese civilization and of its present re-emergence at the turn of the new century under the Reform and Opening Policy.

Table of contents


Part I: Essays

Chapter 1: Historical perspective
1. Zhou Minkai: Chinese vitality and the challenges of the 21st century
2. Christopher Coker: The vitality of Chinese military power

Chapter 2: Economic context
3. Alexander I. Salitsky: Economic vitality of China - Systematic quality?
4. Shen Jiru: Entry into the WTO will inject new vitalities into China's reform
5. Richard N. Cooper:China into the world economic system
6. Li Haohao, Sun Yujuan & Yao Jie: Retrospectand prospect of foreign direct investment by China
7. Victory Y. Yuan: Chinese multinational companies in the process of China's economic globalization
8. Cheng Jiming: China's potential as a big country
9. Marshall I. Goldman: Why can't Russia be more like China?

Chapter 3: Cultural and Social context
10. Yan Wenhua: Reform in China: A socio-psychological view
11. Bi Wenbo: An outline of the 'New Cultural Gene' in contemporary China
12. Dong Jian: Two kinds of cultural state of mind, two kinds of 'Sinicization'
13. Karl-Heinz Pohl: Beyond universalism and relativism - Reflections on an intercultural dialogue between China and the West

Chapter 4: Overseas Chinese
14. Jin Hongfan: The development trends of the overseas Chinese society facing the 21st century
15. Leo Suryadinata: Beijing's policy and Southeast Asian Chinese investment in mainland China
16. Lin Qitan: 'Five-Links Culture' and the development of the Overseas Chinese

Part II: Conference proceedings